by the power of your love

Shouldn’t be getting scared over nothing.

Its nothing its nothing its nothing.

Just some unabsorbed shock. The pain will leave in a while. 

Maybe JC isn’t for me really.

Everyday in lectures and tutorial is a pain.

Every night doing my tutorials and assignments is a pain.

Philippians 1:6 says that he who began a good work in me will carry on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

I can thus only cling on to the hope that God still holds my everyday and every night and he knows why i’m where i am. He knows the reason behind every emotion and i can only trust in his plans.

I don’t know where this will lead me to and I don’t even know if i will make it out alive this time round. 

Its so tough, and its only the beginning. 

God, what is this, and why is this happening?



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the feeling of jealousy is rather agonizing.

and then.. someone just has to come and add some insensitive remark to remind you of something that really is a fresh wound. 

all these social pressure.. 

I shouldn’t be influenced so easily.. 

It forces me to feel strange strange emotions. They’re not even real and i know it. 

God please take charge.. 

Why is it that… my heart feels like it is.. fluttering again? 

I haven’t felt this in a while. so strange, so so strange. Hmm. 


does it have to come and kill me over and over again, so many times?

Dear God please let us go to India together..

i feel like all these.. are the closest i can get now, so please, i beg you, not to take them away from me again..

i promise to do my best.. 

listening to these songs, reading this book and looking at these pictures is making me feel all fuzzy and stirred inside. 

Its been almost 2 years..

Please, God,

see me through. Because you brought me on this journey.

Being a Victorian is not going to be easy but quitting is not an option. 

All i can do right now is to hold your hand and continue walking. 

Hebrews 10:23

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess for he who promised is faithful.

Dear God,

I’m so tired and really just left with no energy to pen all my thoughts down, but i feel so uneasy inside. 

All these thoughts had to be noted down before i forget about them.

Going for kingdom invasion just reminds me and rekindles the flame you placed in my heart. Gave me the extra push to strive to my final goal. 

However, all that time spent with you just doesn’t seem enough, i get hungrier and hungrier, but time runs out and hey, i have to get back on my tasks. 

Being in your presence is such great joy. I didn’t like the fact that i had to get up from my knees and get back to ‘reality’. Doing everything else now seems to meaningless and frustrating because really, all i want is you.

Why not shoot me down and let me stay stuck to the ground for some time as well. 

I want to press on to achieve what we desire for me. But God, to do so, i need strength. and not only strength, joy. I get tired easily if i’m not enjoying myself. Be my joy, daddy. Always remind me that you are all that matters. 

Thank you for KI2013 nonetheless. :’)

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